Exercise 5: Exploring Mentoring Toward Self-Directedness

Exploring an article by Galbraith (2003) titles “Mentoring Toward Self-Directedness” is our last exercise for Phase 1 of the Virtual Mentoring experience. In this article Galbraith explains the variety of different conceptualizations of mentoring as well as the variety of goals and purposes these reflect. What aligns well with this mentoring experience is Galbraith’s exploration of mentoring as an experience toward self-directedness through Cohen’s (1995) principles of adult mentoring.

For students at the University of Ottawa, Galbraith’s (2003) article can be found here.

Others may be able to locate the full article through their own university library:

Galbraith, M. W. (2003). Mentoring toward self-directedness. Adult Learning,14(4), 9-11.


After reading Galbraith’s (2003) article, write an entry in your journal reflecting on how you might personally define mentoring, as well as how you might use this experience to move further towards self-directedness.