Exercise 3: What’s Next? Career Exploration and Personality Discovery

At this stage in the mentoring experience you might like to take some time to think about future career options. You might find some of the following resources helpful to explore both your interests and potential career paths.

After taking using one or more of the below resources, write an entry in your journal reflecting on what you discover.

  • Career Cluster Interest Survey
    This survey can link the things that you enjoy doing with career areas that align with your interests.
  • Holland Code Career Test
    This career test, similar to the above, describes things one might do and how that might align with a career best for you.
  • Jung Typology Test
    Taking this online test will link your Jung typology with careers that might most suit you.
  • Keirsey Temperament Sorter
    After taking this test, temperament and character types are explained and a short list of careers aligned with the character types are provided.