Exercise 2: Exploring Ethical Issues in Mentoring in Higher Education

Hansman’s (2009) book chapter titled “Ethical Issues in Mentoring Adults in Higher Education” explores some of what she calls “practical problems encountered in mentoring adult learners in higher education”. While the focus may appear to be on doctoral students, the types of issues described can be common to students at many different levels of study such as resistance to change and balancing multiple responsibilities. Using actual stories from mentor-mentee relationships, the author explores potential challenges and ethical dilemmas from the mentor perspective, and provides in her conclusion three key ideas for mentors to consider.

University of Ottawa students click here to access the chapter through the University of Ottawa Library.

Other may be able to access the chapter with the following citation information through their own university library:

Hansman, C. A. (2009). Ethical issues in mentoring adults in higher education. New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education, 2009(123), 53-63.

Reflecting on this article as a mentee, how might you be able to avoid these types of issues? Furthermore, in what ways could the key ideas for mentors guide mentoring relationships towards success? Use these questions to guide an entry in your journal.