Exercise 3: Reaching Out – Volunteer Opportunities

Perhaps at this point in your mentoring experience you are looking for ways to connect with your community, ways to perhaps put to work the skills and experience that you have identified, or try and develop new ones that align with future goals. Below are some suggestions for organizations that might help you connect with appropriate organizations:

Located right here at the Unviersity of Ottawa is the Michaëlle Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement. As their website explains, they provide information on opportunities both here in Ottawa, and around the world. They are also able to provide “support to members of the university community who start their own community engagement initiatives.” The centre regularly provides information sessions, but you can learn more about them online.

A few of the programs that might be of interest to graduate students include:

Another organization in the Ottawa region is Volunteer Ottawa/ Bénévoles Ottawa. In addition to information sessions and training they host a searchable database of volunteer opportunities in the Ottawa region.

After exploring these opportunities look back at the work plan you developed in Phase 1. Might a volunteer experience help you reach your SMART goals? In your journal, use an entry explore what kinds of volunteer experiences you might find productive and enjoyable.